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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Moving Day!

On Wednesday we moved out of our little house we've lived in for the last five and a half years.

It was bittersweet, for sure.

L and A loved getting to ride scooters all around the empty house, while I marveled at how big they are and how much life has been lived within those walls...

(Especially since the twins looked like this on the day we moved in...)

It's the house our family went from two to four, and our babies took their first steps right there in that living room.

The landscaping was new when we bought the house, and we watched the tree in the front yard go from this... this...
(the boy grew quite a bit too)
We painted walls, built a shed, put up a fence, and made it our Home. We lived life well there, and I'll always be grateful we had our small house with it's even smaller mortgage that allowed me to work so little while our babies were so young.  
Since Wednesday, we've been staying with my awesome sister and brother in law (who just got married in July, and already opened their home to our circus...they're clearly crazy generous people), and are having the best time. Everything we moved in with us here is either coming on the plane or being shipped to Kuwait, and all our furniture and other belongings are in a storage unit.
We've spent the last several days enjoying time with friends, which has been both fun and hard. We have fantastic people in our life here, and saying good-bye to them for two years has occasionally put me thisclose to calling the whole move off. (kidding.) (kind of.) We've been beyond blessed with so many amazing people since moving here in 2007, and I'm resting in the promise that we'll all pick right up where we left off when we return in two years!
We are pretty much all set to fly out on Monday and begin our new adventure. Three outta four of us have developed stuffy noses, sore throats and congestion in the last day or two, so prayers for quick recoveries are greatly appreciated!
As you can see in the video below, the kids are picking up the Arabic David is teaching them pretty well!

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