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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

We've landed!

Writing this from the Kuwait City airport with my tired crew. We've officially arrived and are currently waiting for visa paperwork for the kids and I to be processed. Luckily, there was a very kind gentleman waiting right outside our gate holding a sign with our family name on it, ready to assist us...God bless him.

Should be an hour or so here, and then off to our new home! It's late evening here, but feels like it should be mid-morning to us...well, kind of...we've been traveling for what feels like eleventy hundred hours, so we're all kinds of "off". The kids did SO GOOD, especially considering they had never flown before yesterday =).  We all slept some (I'm playing fast and loose with the word "slept" there) on the 14 hour flight from Seattle to Dubai, and then the kids both crashed hard on the short flight from Dubai to here. We're also still recovering from colds, so we're more than ready to get to our place and begin settling in and sleeping.

We're very grateful for all the smooth travel we experienced! Thank you for all your prayers. So happy to be HERE and not getting on a plane again for a long while.

So...more to come...but for now:

We've landed safe and without incident. Thank you Jesus! Thank you Emirates Airline for the sleep masks!  Thank you creators of Xanax! (Momma hates to fly).

And of course, thank you friends and family for all your prayers and well wishes, and thank you A TON to my sisters Natalie and Emily for all you did to help us get out the door yesterday.

Much love.


  1. Good Lord, woman, I had to jump through a zillion hoops just to get to a point where Google would let me post a freaking comment about how glorious this blog posting is. Worth it, of course. As was waking from my nyquil-induced fog so I could flight stalk your family to Dubai, and then again to Kuwait City.


    Can't wait to skype and hear from the littles about their adventure. I love you!

  2. So so glad to hear all of this - that things went smoothly and the kiddos were champs. I miss you guys like crazy already; I read this through about 5 times because it made me feel so happy and close to you :)

  3. This makes so so happy that you are there safely, and so sad, that you are there at all. So far!!!! =( But continuous prayers on you, friend. You're a hero and rock star and I'm living this adventure with you vicariously from Ohio. xoxo