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Wednesday, September 16, 2015


We officially have internet!! Hallelujah!!!! The kids watched six episodes of Wild Kratts in a row on Netflix yesterday (judge not lest ye be judged...we'd been without shows for nearly two weeks!) and I can finally upload pics =)

My people on the plane ride from Seattle to Dubai...

The view from our Living Room...

It's fun to sit and watch boats and jet skis go by throughout the day! Even though there usually is a dusty haze around, it still is nice to wake up to sunshine every single day. 

We're adjusted sleep-wise around here finally (*knocks on wood*) and no longer falling asleep in the middle of the day...

...or during taxi rides to the mall...

We're still missing our friends, family and the familiar every day, but we're also working to make this place our Home. 

Some randomness about our first two weeks:

- They don't recycle here, like AT ALL, and I watch a little piece of my husband die every time he has to throw out a plastic water bottle or a cereal box. 

- EVERYTHING here delivers. Even McDonalds. Every time the kids and I walk over to the little market that is literally right next to our building, they say "Why you not call? We can bring this to you!" and I always laugh and tell them it's good for us to get out a bit =).

- David is liking his job. Teachers are really respected here, and he's finding his groove with his students already. After having the second half of summer off to move, he's so happy to be back teaching again.

-The other day we were swimming and both noted it seemed a tad bit cooler that day...we later learned it was "only" 109 degrees that day =)

- There is a little park just a short walk away from our building, and apparently in the next few months the weather will be more like 70 degrees, so we're looking forward to checking that out. Missing having a yard!

- I went to the International Clinic to establish care and fill prescriptions this week, and apparently HIPPA is not a thing here?? The doctor got a call in the middle of our visit and he gave a patient - by name and everything - her CT Angio results right there in front of me.

- Children are revered here. I keep telling David it's going to be such a shock to our kids when we go back to the States and people aren't stopping them on the street to tell them they're beautiful =).

Or, maybe people still will? I mean, look at these beauties...



  1. Those pictures of them sleeping are AWESOME. I laughed out loud. Glad to hear you guys are getting more oriented to your community, that everyone's sleeping normally, and that David is liking his job!

  2. I'm pretty much in love with the goggle shot. Miss you guys!