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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


David was off work yesterday, and is for the next several days as Kuwait celebrates Eid al-Adha. We've loved having him around so much!

Yesterday morning the kids and I walked the few blocks to Krispy Kreme for some doughnuts =).
A view of the main street three blocks from our house...

Sbarro, Carl's Jr, Baskin Robbins, Krispy Kreme, and to the right is the Sultan Center where we do some grocery shopping.

Donuts in Kuwait were a hit!

The kids complained about the heat some, but for the most part were troopers. The deal for getting donuts was we'd walk and not take a taxi. It as about 9:30am, but already 99 degrees. The donuts we brought home were more than slightly melted. Lesson learned. 

The twins spent a good part of yesterday afternoon playing in the hallway with the sweet neighbor kids, who are off of school for the holiday.
(and Dave taking out the trash, with a smile on his face...he's a keeper ;) )
I am just so grateful for such wonderful neighbors. L and A love playing with them, and for the most part they all get along really well. Reem has invited me over for coffee several times and I've really enjoyed getting to know her more. It turns our birthdays are exactly one day apart! The more we talk, I continue to be amazed at how two women born within hours of each other can have such drastically different lives, simply because of where we happened to be born. It's been fascinating chatting with her, even if 30% of our conversations include charade like communication =). 

Blessedly, the stomach bug was short lived, and our sweet girl was back to her cheerful self fairly quickly...even up for helping Momma bake brownies...

And this adorable guy has been doing awesome here...
Our sweet boy seemed to have a lot of anxiety leading up to our move here, which was semi-expected considering that home was the only home he'd even known. He is one who likes to know what's happening next. He's brave and adventurous and always up for a good time, but also cautious and feels most comfortable when he knows what to expect. In the month or so leading up to our departure, he was always wanting to know where I was -even within our little house- and didn't like me to leave at all. I'm pleased to report he has adjusted incredibly well. He's been back to his old, happy self pretty much since we arrived, and is up for whatever new adventure we want to go on.
Including hailing cabs...

 The kids and I tried out (another) new grocery store the other day, and were finally able to find things -like greek yogurt and ricotta cheese- that we'd been previously unable to find.

Ricotta cheese meant I was finally able to make lasagna, a family favorite...

 So...there you have it. Some random updates of our days around here lately. It's pretty nice right now with Dave off =). The kids and I have gotten our feet wet with Kindergarten Homeschooling (a post for another time) and are finding a decent rhythm to our days...including chores for everyone...

...and lots of playing...

 I'm giving Thanks for my family, and trying to take in the lovely views like this one...

 ...and this one...


  1. Apparently, when I bookmarked your first blog posting, that's the only posting my computer has been bringing up. I kept wondering why you weren't posting. Finally discovered all the other postings this morning and have enjoyed them all. Reading David's posting made me really thankful for Salem's current glide into fall temperatures. Glad you guys are settling in, and things are becoming more familiar. I'm really looking forward to keeping up with your life -- just need to figure out how to get my computer to bring up your newest postings first. Stay cool. (Chortle.)

  2. Love love love love the pictures. and the words. and everything about this blog.

  3. Love it. Thanks. So what time does it get light in the morning and dark in the evening?

  4. Thanks for the updates! Glad everyone seems healthy again.

  5. Hi! This is Julie Vorholt. So happy to see you, David and the kids are doing well. Of course, we miss him on campus here in Portland!! I loved seeing the pictures of the kids and where you're living. Keep the blog posts coming! Take care. :-)

  6. True story: when we were unloading the contents of your pantry into our own kitchen cupboards (such a blessing!), I found somewhere near 78 boxes of lasagna noodles. I started laughing every time I pulled one out, and said to Justin, "I don't remember them even MAKING lasagna."

    Annnnnnd the joke is on me.

    When you get back you'll have to teach me your ways because I have NO CLUE what to do with all these boxes of noodles.

    We love you!