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Monday, September 21, 2015

On Motherhood

Sometimes Motherhood is cuddling and snuggling. Sometimes it's kissing precious cherub cheeks as you check on them one last time before you go to bed. Sometimes it's feeling like your heart might explode right inside your chest when you hear a belly laugh come from the lips of your baby. Sometimes Motherhood is overwhelming pride as you watch your child overcome a challenge they've been struggling with. Sometimes it's making sure their favorite Lovey is washed and dried before bedtime. Sometimes it's kisses sweeter than sugar.

And sometimes it's catching your child's vomit in a ziplock bag during a cab ride home from the grocery store. And offering up Thanks that you happened to have a baggie in your purse, while still giving the driver directions to your house and moving your other child to the other side of the cab so as to not be sitting next to the vomit bag.

The Stomach Flu has found it's way to us in Kuwait.

No bueno, man. 

Motherhood. Sometimes messy. Always worth it.

(and PSA: always carry a zip lock baggie in your purse)


  1. Sweet Abigail looks so miserable.

    Sorry about the puking, but with that ziploc bag trick your motherhood game is ON POINT.

  2. Oh no! Hope you guys are over it now!

    I think it comes with moving to a new country? New bugs that your immune system isn't used to? I often tell refugee families with kiddos when they first arrive that more than likely their kiddos will get sick in the first couple of weeks here. It's happened to most of my families.

  3. Also, I agree with Natalie. You're motherhood is mastery level. Can I be your padawan someday?

  4. Ziploc! Brilliant! Much better than my solution when my niece, at a year old, started projectile vomiting while sitting on my lap - I picked her up and ran to the bathroom, somehow convinced that I could get there faster than she could puke. She finished just as I got to the tub. I was covered, the couch was covered, the floor, everything. Except the tub. Not a drop in the tub. exactly does an 18 pound child produce 300 gallons of vomit? It was like a bad movie.