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Monday, January 4, 2016


The tree and decorations are all put sister has returned to the States...and it's the beginning of a New Year.

I have tons to say (the phrase "lacks words" has never been used to describe me) but haven't made the time to dig out from underneath the last three weeks enough to post.

Will work on that this week ;).

I do want to say this:

We just experienced my first Christmas away from the United States, and it was a good one.
Yes, I missed home A LOT.
But, I felt welcome to celebrate my holiday here, in a place where Islam is the stated religion, as written in their constitution. 

Christmas and holiday decorations were all over...

...and EVERYONE wished us a "Merry Christmas"...EVERYONE!

In a state that is predominantly Muslim, I was so encouraged and welcomed to celebrate my Christian holiday.  

I just want that to be known.

There are so many misconceptions about Muslims as a whole, and about the Middle East. 

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