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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Don't just stand there, bust a move

The twins' four week "Initiation to Dance" class finished up at this week. 

It was a great experience! It introduced the kids to several different styles of dance, got us out of the house and active two days a week, and gave us another opportunity during the week to see some friends.

Our son had been feeling puny last weekend - to the point where he fell asleep in the middle of the day, which happens NEVER, and so we had to cancel some plans and just lay low. I was thinking we might have to miss class on Sunday, but luckily he woke up feeling better and we didn't miss a single class.

It was fun for me to see which styles of dance each of our kids were drawn to. When I asked them if there was any particular style of dance they'd like to follow up with and take more classes on, Sister said Breakdancing and Contemporary, and Brother said Breakdancing and HipHop. So, we're looking into more classes this summer.

You've seen their sweet Breakdancing moves, and their rad Popping moves. Now here's some videos of Ballet, Contemporary, Bollywood, and HipHop...

They LOVED Bollywood day! I notice them rehearsing this one the most around the house =)

I can't tell if these videos are loading properly or not? They were taken on my cheap cell phone.

A few pics of our cuties on the last day...
Posing with our teacher Miss Teni and her assistant Carlos in our very best Hip Hop poses ;)

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  1. I should think they would be pretty well tired out after all that. Great job!

    Love, Aunt Carol