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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ice Skating in the desert

Earlier this week the twins and I met some friends at an ice skating rink!

Because what else does one do when it's 122 degrees outside???

Our regular driver was busy and sent a friend to pick us up, and when I told him we were going to the ice skating rink located next to a particular mall, he assured me he knew where that was and headed there.
When we pulled up to that mall, I asked "but I heard the skating rink is next to the mall?"
"No, inside. You enter through the mall, madam" he assured me.
So we exited the taxi and entered the mall. A quick preliminary search revealed zero ice skating rinks, so we found a security guard and asked him. 
"Not here, madam, next door..." he informed us as he led us outside and pointed to a large building a *decent ways away.
(*I'm terrible at estimating distances. Like, really terrible. How far away was it? A football field's length? 12 football field's length? A half mile? Seven miles? I don't know.  You so do not want me on your Surveying or recon team.)

Because there was only parking lots between where we were and where we needed to be, another taxi was not an option.

We began to trek over.

I was super proud of my kids...they could tell I was annoyed, and did their best to rally and have awesome attitudes about. They didn't complain once about the heat.

And it was HOT. It was 122 degrees, and we did not have any water with us...because it's Ramadan, and Ramadan in an Islamic country means there is ZERO eating and drinking outdoors during the day. Between sunup and sundown, the majority of restaurants are closed (a few are open for take-out only) and adults are strictly forbidden from all forms of eating, drinking, smoking and even chewing gum.

Now, most of the time being a (pale, blonde = CLEARLY) Westerner allows me a pass for offenses.
I totally realize that is unfair, but that doesn't make it any less true.
But during Ramadan I've been told there are zero exceptions to this. Being a Westerner will not afford me any grace for any sort of faux pas, as we've been clearly warned, and not only will I not be granted leniency for an offense, I'm likely to be made an example of. 
Seriously not a time to mess around.

Children are allowed to eat and drink as normal, so I realize I could technically carry water for L and A, but here's the thing...I'm an avid water drinker (it's like my one healthy habit) and I just can not trust that I won't mindlessly take a swig off their water bottles while we are out. 
And it's too great of a risk (Kuwaiti jails are no joke) to take, so I've not been carrying any water or snacks while we are out during the day.

So I had zero ways to cool us as we walked.

It took us about 10-15 minutes to get over there, which is not that bad, all things considered.

But if you're curious what a woman dressed in all black, with her mop of hair down around her neck and shoulders, carrying a large purse and a bag full of sweatshirts and zero water to drink, who just walked around in 122 degree heat looks like, she looks like this...

Sweaty hair matted to her forehead, shiny face from all the perspiration, and exhausted.
The kids on the other hand, had some water and quickly recovered =).
Kids are so freakin' resilient. 

We continued to cool off rather quickly when we were on the ice!

They offered these little pusher/assistance things, and I got them for both the kids as this was their first time ice skating.
Sister was SO excited...

Brother was excited too, but a little more hesitant...

Buddies =). 
(love how that little brother is just hitching a ride!)

Sister, the avid roller skater, soon ditched her skating aid...

...she made her way around the entire rink, staying near the wall...

Brother was becoming more comfortable as well, but stayed pretty glued to his aid...

...and took frequent breaks...

Before I knew it, Sister was free skating all around the rink! All that roller skating has really paid off =).

Brother ditched his aid for a bit, and even took his hands off the wall at one point =)...

Meanwhile I regretted my incredibly poor shoe choice and tried to prevent my toes from getting sliced off as I assisted kiddos with blades on their feet...

The kids had so much fun together...

They even had some races pushing each other around...

Cute little ice skating buddies...

Such a fun time! 
We will definitely be back. 
It was only 1.5 KD (like $4.50) for entry and skate rental, and it was a great way to cool off during the hot summer days.
My mom commented on Facebook how ironic it is that our kids are learning to ice skate in Kuwait, and I totally laughed out loud. Who would have thought when we moved to the desert that ice skating would be a new skill we'd acquire?

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  1. I can't even imagine 120 degrees. Ice skating in Kuwait. Who would have thunk it.

    Love, Aunt Carol