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Friday, September 30, 2016

Sri Lanka Post 5

By the time we arrived at our hotel in Unawatuna, it was late afternoon.
We explored the beach for a bit, and then headed to our rooms (again, it was actually cheaper to get two smaller rooms than one large family suite!) to get settled in. 

This time it was David and Sister, and me and Brother.

After we were all settled, we had dinner at the hotel's outdoor restaurant, and then headed back to Brother and I's room to hang out and watch a movie before an early bedtime.

Brother calling Sister in her room to say good-night before going to sleep =)

The next morning we got up and got ready to head to breakfast at the hotel's breakfast buffet.
Sister donned all new Sri Lanka apparel...

Such a ham!!!

And speaking of ham, you know our family put away some bacon at breakfast that morning! 

Don't worry, we ate other things as well.

After we finished eating, we were walking back to our room when one of the hotel staff asked if we wanted to see something fun...

Baby turtles!!

That was a fun little surprise =).

We then headed back to our respective rooms to get beach ready!

I mean, how beach ready is this girl?

The weather that morning was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L, and we had the best time just playing in the sand and relaxing...

Beach Babes...

The waves were a little intense, so we made a you-have-to-be-with-a-grown-up-to-be-in-the-ocean rule.
The kids loved playing in the ocean...

Love the joy on the faces of my boys in these pictures!

This picture cracks me up! Every once in awhile the surf would come up over the little hill and surprise us...

Sister channeling her How To Train Your Dragon and drawing in the sand with her foot...

Later that day we made our way over to one of the two swimming pools. This one was particularly cool, as it was glass-walled, and all the same depth.

Love my people!

Dads are so much fun in the pool...

Feelin' SO LUCKY to be on such a great vacation with my little family!

Little Ninja...

We spent the day swimming and playing on the was Heavenly.

The next morning we got up and had breakfast, and shortly into our beach time, the clouds started to come in...

...and bringing the rain...

...which was actually okay with us. In Kuwait, we get very little rain, and as Oregonians, hanging out in our hotel room watching movies and listening to it rain outside felt kinda like home =)

We spent that day just chilling out in our room. The kids played and watched movies, and David and I read and watched movies. It was really relaxing!

Plus, we had the blessing of the ability to order room service, including this pizza, which I dubbed the "Expat In Kuwait Special", because PORK.

A couple of great days hanging out and relaxing! The next/last two days, we got out and saw more of Sri Lanka...posts coming soon...then I'll officially be done recapping Sri Lanka =).

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  1. This post contains two epic pics of L (the one with the surprise wave and the under-water-ninja-pose). Also, I love your smile in the baby turtle picture. Your trip has been so incredible to follow so far!