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Sunday, April 2, 2017


We recently returned from five days in Dubai! 

We left our apartment Sunday morning for the airport, and made the familiar trek to get all checked in...

Three people pretty excited to get another stamp in their passport!

We got all checked in and learned our flight had been delayed two hours.
Okay, some breakfast in the airport and hanging out it is.

Finally, our gate opened, and we were ready to board that plane!

There was this little 18 month old cutie in the same terminal, and the twins had a fun time engaging her while we waited...

...she thought they were pretty fun, and they love when they get to be the "big kids"...

We flew Emirates, which is the fanciest airline ever, in my opinion. Even in plain old coach, the seats are nice and comfy, and each one has a large TV screen with tons of movies, shows, and game to choose from. 

The flight from Kuwait to Dubai is less than two hours, and I was able to watch most of Bridget Jones' Baby, which was good because it's not one Dave would likely watch with me =).

We landed in Dubai (World's NICEST airport, in my opinion!! Sparkling clean, glittered ceilings, indoor palm trees, complimentary Maclaren strollers, staff everywhere - speaking every language - ready to answer any question you may have) and Dave ran over to hit up the Duty Free shop and snag some alcohol for us to take back to the hotel, while the kids and I waited at baggage claim. 
When we spotted our suitcase, David left Brother to guard our liquor while he fetched it. 
Like a good parent. 

We stayed at the Jumeirah Creekside Hotel,  which was REAAALLLYY nice. We did tons of recon looking into different places to stay, and found that when we included all the amenities this one offered, it was the best deal for our family. 

Our room had a bathtub that made me say "Ohhhhh...." when I saw it:

It was a large room with a king sized bed, and the hotel gave us two roll-away beds for free (in the past we've been charged for each one, making our "cheap" room a whole lot less cheap!)

Once we'd unpacked a little bit, we suited up and headed down to the pool.
Clearly, the kids were miserable...

The hotel had a large pool, a lap pool, a hot tub, and this really big upper kiddie pool...

...which David and I could fit in as well...

Right next to our hotel was The Irish Village, with a little bridge we could cross directly over into...

This little pond had ducks, turtles, and even swans!

After dinner, we settled into our room for the night. Sister rolled over mid - TV watching and fell asleep. 

We were tuckered out, which was good because David's parents were flying in late that night to join us, and we had a SUPER FUN day planned for Monday, which happened to be the twins' seventh birthday =). 


  1. A few things. First, and most important: I want to fly to Dubai right now and get a room in that hotel just because I want to take a bath in that tub! How many did you take? ;)
    We usually fly FlyDubai to Dubai, but we're flying Emirates (my first time) home this summer, and I can't wait. I just hope that by then the EU doesn't institute the same stupid no laptops etc. on board ban!
    Looking forward to reading all about the special birthday celebrations!

  2. Can you believe I only took ONE bath!?!? I KNOW. We were just so busy.