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Monday, June 26, 2017


I'm having so much fun sorting through our Europe pictures this morning, and can't wait to write about our time there! But in the meantime, just wanted to pop on and say thank you for all the sweet messages, texts, emails and notes regarding our storage unit...we have the most thoughtful friends and family ever ;). We're feeling better about the whole thing. It could have been much worse.

We're finally acclimated to the eleven hour time difference, and officially eating and sleeping at appropriate hours again. 
This feels like a significant accomplishment.

We are loving the fact that we get to re-orient to life in the U.S. while in the safe nest of my sister's home. Such a gift. Here, we get to slowly wake up to a fully running home that not only has everything we need but is also filled with the coolest people. I feel lucky that I get to spend so much time with my sister...

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...and her fantastic husband, and my adorable niece.

I've HATED to be away for the first eight months of her life, so I'm thankful for the opportunity to be around her so much and brainwash her that Auntie Kendra is the best  get to know her. 

We've had fun catching up with friends and family, and enjoying the beautiful weather that is Portland in June. 

Two of the main reasons we were sure we were ready to leave Kuwait at the end of the two years were 1) we wanted to give our kids more opportunities to enjoy nature and the outdoors and 2) we wanted them to grow up around cousins and family.

At seven years old, we just felt like these were prime tree-climbing, barefoot-in-the-grass-running, cousin-playing years. We wanted to give our kids that kind of life at this stage in their childhood. And this week we've already had more outdoor exploring and family shenanigans than I could have hoped for!
 It feels good.  

Feeling thankful =).

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