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Monday, October 17, 2016

She's crafty

Actually, I'm not really. 

But thanks to Pinterest, I can pretend to be =)

I was feeling like our apartment needed some Fall/Halloween decorations, but they are non existent here in Kuwait.
Actually, that's not entirely true. 
I did see some small (like 8 inch) true orange pumpkins at Sultan Center the other day, for nine KD ( nearly $30) no thank you.

A quick Pinterest search for "kids Halloween crafts" yielded some ADORABLE options, and since I'm a sucker for any hand/foot print art projects where I can document just how big my kids were at this age, I landed on a fun one. 

Sister is always up for a craft =). 

This particular project suggests you take painters tape and lay it out on a canvas in the shape of a spider web. I couldn't find painters tape, so I thought I'd use a glue stick to stick cut up construction paper. It worked only okay...they don't really look like webs, and some paint leaked underneath the paper, but for the most part it was fine. 

Sister painting her canvas orange...

After both kids painted their canvases and we let them dry, we pulled off the construction paper to reveal the webs.
Then we painted the kids hands black and pressed them down to make spiders, and 
I enlisted David's help to press their white-painted foot down on the canvases to make the ghosts...

Once everything was dry (and the kids extremities were cleaned off), we made eyes and mouths for the spiders and glued them on, and then hung our finished products up on the wall...

Happy Halloween 2016 from Kuwait =)