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Saturday, December 17, 2016

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Our apartment door needed some holiday cheer, so I had our kids and the neighbor kids decorate some random Christmasy things I could whip up...

Candy canes, trees, presents...that's about all I could draw, even poorly. 
But add in their beautiful coloring job, and our door is officially festive =).

Costa Coffee was hosting a handful of Christmas activities around Kuwait, so I signed the kids up for some "gingerbread cookie decorating" one evening last week.
Turns out it included the cookies and frosting...

It was a little bit lacking in decorating supplies, and festive cheer...but, it was something fun and semi-Christmasy for us to do. 

L&A got a little creative and added some sugar that was supposed to be for coffee...

"See?! I decorated. Now hurry up with the pic Momma so I can eat them already..."

Both kids declared their creations "delicious!"

Costa Coffee gave us little hot chocolate samples as well...

Sister finished off the frosting...a girl after my own heart =)

All in all, it was pretty fun - and tasty - and I'm glad we went =).

So. Christmas in Kuwait is expensive...
1.990 KD = $6.51

Six dollars and 51 cents for 18 candy canes. 
You know, the kind you can get at The Dollar Tree.

...and $6.51 for 40 mini candy canes.

Stocking stuffers are going to need to be creative this year in order to stay within budget.

A friend gave us some cake molds awhile back, and tonight the kids and I made brownies in them and then decorated the brownies...

...and by decorating, I mean smothering in whip cream and burying in candy. 

David won this little Christmas Tree at his work's Christmas party, it dances, lights up and sings Christmas songs...AKA, a 6 year olds dream come true...
...and I offer up Thanks for Excedrin migraine. 

And lastly...we're still doing a little more home decorating as well...
...playdoh Christmas trees for the win!

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