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Tuesday, December 20, 2016


 Sister and I were running errands the other day, and she asked for a picture by all the snowflake decorations =)...

We saw this cool 3D art drawing on the floor in the middle of the mall...

It's been around 14 degrees Celsius/ 57 Fahrenheit most afternoons around these parts, which is a little chilly, but still makes for a lovely time at a local park...

 This is one of the newest and nicest parks around our area. It's full of walking/jogging paths, multiple play areas, coffee shops, a lake, and plenty of green grass...which allows for a little old fashioned hill-rolling...

We came across this little play area, and the twins wanted to explore for a bit...

...which allowed Dave and I to sit and chat for a bit. Brother took this pic of us...

After playing for a bit, we decided to explore some more...

Can you spot the two cuties on this bridge???

Ya don't find many green spaces like this around Kuwait, and we made a promise to ourselves we'd visit here more often before the weather gets too hot. 

The other week when I had pinkeye, I missed two days of work. 
The first day I took the kids to school, and then came back home, then went back out to pick them up later. After spending 2+hours in the car that day, that evening I was trying to convince the kids to skip school the following day and just stay home.

"BUT WE WANNA GO TO SCHOOL!!!" They protested. 

Eventually, I won.
But it may or may not have involved bribing them with a trip to Trampo instead. 
Bribing my kids to stay home from school with a trip to the trampoline park...should I accept my Mother Of The Year award in silver? or gold?
Whatever, we got to sleep in.
AND we had the entire trampoline park all to ourselves! That's one of the things I miss most about homeschooling, having free time during the day to go to activities that are empty because all the other kids are in school. 

First the kids and I walked to a little eatery and had a nice brunch together...

These pictures make me smile, because both kids are eating eggs Arab-style =). 
We ordered scrambled eggs, and they came with flat bread. 
When we came here months ago, the kids both asked me to dish some eggs onto their plates, and they ate them with forks.
On this morning, they tore pieces of flat bread, and used it to scoop of egg directly from the serving pan...just like people over here do...

Then it was time to jump off our food!

It was such a fun day!
I know school is important, and I'm thrilled out kids love it so much (and are thriving there!) , but I also think education comes in many forms, and sometimes we just need to let them be little, ya know?

Our days lately have also included many more shenanigans out in the hallway with some neighbor kids...

This glow-in-the-dark solar system puzzle is something we brought from home, and I continue to be so glad we did! David is great at teaching the kids and I about the planets...

This Dynamic Duo begged to clean the shower the other day... I was like "um, yeah, ok. That'd be fine..." 

Dave snapped this pic of the kids joining me in some evening yoga... my cute little yogis!! 

And speaking of exercise, these two found using some Twin Teamwork is the best way to get the elliptical machine going....

Brother loves playing with friends in the hallway...

Some evening air hockey has been on the itinerary as well...

Sister has been doing some painting...

David made us his famous hot chocolate the other night to accompany our popcorn as we introduced the kids to Elf. 

...which they loved! 

And lastly, the kids and I walked in the door from school on Thursday to find David waiting for us, tickets purchased and present for me in hand.
Happy Thursday to us!
I opened my present (an R2-D2 shirt, since I was the only family member lacking in Star Wars apparel - save for my Darth Vader socks, naturally), we all changed into proper attire, and off we went to see Rogue One!

Two excited kiddos...I love Sister's fierce Padme face here... =)

This Star Wars family gave the movie two thumbs up!!!

And now we're in the official countdown to Christmas! As of this afternoon, the kids and I are on break until early January, and we're getting ready for some super fun Christmas plans! Every time I think about them my face looks like this:

Image result for excited face


  1. These are some of my favorite pictures - especially the elliptical one. :) Amanda has some similar pictures of Cadence joining me for workouts when I visited them a few years back.

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  2. Glad you got the chance to catch a few more ZZZZ's. Looks like it's going to be a really nice final Christmas in Kuwait for the Hoffman family. Enjoy.

    Love, Aunt Carol