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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Family Pictures

While David's parents were here, we had a sweet - and incredibly talented - family friend take some pictures for us.

I'd been wanting some family pictures at this particular spot to have as a memento of our time here in Kuwait.
This little crescent of beach is where the kids and I used to walk to all the time after finishing our school work last year during homeschooling, and we've logged many, many hours playing in this sand and this water. 

Early April was a perfect time for outdoor pictures as it wasn't too hot yet (it's early May and averaging 105*F these days, and climbing) and sunny.

We met my dear friend on a bright (hence some squinting you'll see in some pictures!) Friday morning, and she somehow transformed a semi-crowded beach into a private, candid session of us...

SO many great ones to choose from, and I already know for sure I'll be getting a big print of this one to hang up in our new home in Portland...

Thank you, sweet Z for this most precious of gifts. I'm so very grateful. 


  1. These are really wonderful pictures. Sorry I haven't been commenting on your blogs lately. I've been caught up in just enjoying them!

    Love, Aunt Carol

    1. I'm so happy with the pictures! They're just what I wanted ;).

      Don't ever worry about commenting or not...while I enjoy hearing from people, I don't blog for the comments! ;)