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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Aunt Mem visits

My baby sister is here!! In Kuwait!! Staying in our apartment!!! If you're unable to tell by all the exclamation points, I could not be more excited about this!!!!!!!!!!

It's so nice to have this little piece of Home here.
I love having her around! Not only because I just love my sister, but also for the extra set of hands. David has been battling some health issues since right before Halloween (yes, nearly two months ago, poor guy!) and so he's been unable to go and do a lot of things with the twins and I, which has caught both of us off guard. I knew when we moved to a new country - one where I would not be working AND would be homeschooling, and he'd be working a brand new job in a totally new environment - that I'd be on my own a lot with the kids, but neither of us anticipated him being down and out for so long and unable to do so much. It's added a real challenge to the whole relocation process, and we've both struggled with it.

So having Emily here is like a giant ray of sunshine =). 

The kids are SO STINKING HAPPY she is visiting!!

Our daughter showing Aunt Mem the view from the living room couch...

Of course we got dinner from our favorite Shawrma place...

If she's at all stationary, one twin or the other, or both, are cuddled up on her!

On Saturday the twins and I took her to Marina Cresent...

On the weekends there are tons of little tent shops along the bay...

The twins chasing some bubbles that were being blown...

There was a little fair type thing set up (several along the Gulf during the weekends) and for 1KD you could have unlimited time on the inflatables...

L -



A- (in the white shirt & black pants)

This goofy duo had the best time bouncing around!

After they bounced their little hearts out, we walked over to Marina Beach...

After some ocean and beach play, we had two wet, sandy kids who were less keen on walking home than they had been walking there, and it was evening time to boot which meant traffic was much more intense. I was SO grateful to have Emily there while navigating all the road crossing with the twins. They are pretty good little adventurers...but they are still only five years old and easily distracted. 
I can't even tell you how many times I've been out with them and needed to cross busy streets and my pulse is just racing...the drivers here are NUTS and five year olds do things like accidentally kick their CROC off right as your entering the road to cross the street, or fight with each other because one doesn't want to stand so close to another, or decide to ask very important questions right after you say "after this car, we're going to go, ok?" or see something shiny and forget they are in a country where pedestrians do not have the right-of-way and nearly every driver is on their cell phone. Gah. I'm getting all tense just writing about it.
Anyways, great to have more hands here =).

And even if the walk over and back can be a little stressful, I feel very blessed to live within walking distance to Marina Mall and beach!
And very blessed to have a sister that wants to spend her hard-earned money coming to the other side of the World to visit us. 

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