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Thursday, December 3, 2015


Last month we signed the kids up for Tball with The Kuwait Little League.
Twice a week we head about 20 minutes west, one evening a week for practice and one weekend day a week for games. 
Well, so far just "scrimmages", but later this month we start actual games. 
Although I don't know if actual games will mean keeping score, or if every game will still end in a "tie" like the scrimmages do now.
(much to our son's chagrin...he keeps score each time and insisted we won the first week)

David doing "Super Jump" with the kids as we walk down the block to hail a cab...

Kuwait Little League has several Tball teams and many, many older teams. L&A are on the Dodgers (much to David's chagrin...he's a Giants fan)

So these pictures aren't the best. I kind of dropped and broke our camera when I was running after and screaming hysterically at lovingly disciplining one of our cherubs who was walking mindlessly out into the street. 
 So we're down to just our cell phones for photos currently.
So these semi-good pictures are mainly just for the grandparents and posterity.

And I just realized I said "so" way too many times in the above paragraph, but I'm too lazy busy to go back and edit.

Their first practice...

They're supposed to get their little uniforms (a jersey and ball cap) later this month when the Season officially begins.

We paid a pretty penny (80KD = $262) (PER KID) to play, but it seems worth it for the fun atmosphere. It's really family friendly, and the season goes from November through February.
And the League takes good care of the ball fields and takes even Tball seriously. 
Like, super seriously.
 They requested we purchase baseball pants for each player, and (of course) they sell some out there...ya know, for 12KD a pair. Which I *might* have paid (read: probably not) but learned upon shopping there that even the smallest size were too long for our kids. When I brought this up during a team parent discussion via text, a Kuwaiti mom (sweetly) offered to give me the number for her tailor whom she has hem her (5 year old!!) son's clothes.

You can go ahead and file that under: NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

I'm a grown up and even when I had to wear WorkLady clothes I still never paid to have clothes tailored so I certainly am not going to pay to have my five year old's clothes tailored.
Ask me how I really feel about it.  

There is a great group of kids on A and L's team, alongside a fantastic group of parents. The families are from all over the World!
It warmed my heart to watch my children play along side children from the UK, and the States, and Venezuela, and Kuwait. I love the diversity they are getting exposed to and working as a team with.

There is a fun little playground at the ball fields that the kids all love to play on before and after games and practice...

Their first "game"...

Our daughter was lead off hitter...not that I'm super proud of anything...

...and our son was clean-up batter...again, ridiculously proud...

A on third getting ready to run home...

L played third base, just like his Momma used to wayyyyyy back in the day...

Watching Tball is adorable. God bless those coaches. Seriously. It's like herding cats. 
And tons of "field maintenance"...

After the games, the coaches round up their respective teams and have them all go down a line and high-five each other and say "good game!" 
I could not love this more.

And after the high-fives, it's snack time.
The kids could not love this more.

I have to confess, if watching my kids play Tball is any indication as to the kind of nutcase I am going to be when there is actually competition and score keeping, it's safe to say my kids are going to hate me.


  1. This post makes me particularly weepy about the fact that I (probably) won't get to come visit you while you are there. YOUR CHILDREN ARE HUGE. Also, I think the cost of T-Ball was totally worth it simply for the photo ops for this auntie over here (but then again, that's easy for me to say because it ain't my money). Miss you guys!

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