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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Two videos that have absolutely nothing to do with one another

We went to "Opening Ceremonies" for the Kuwait Little League over the weekend, and it was a whole Middle Eastern scene. Ornate rugs covering the sand where chairs were. Men in thobes walking around passing out Arabic coffee (which I love, it's like a chai tea flavor). And an important Sheikh in attendance, who the announcer kept referring to as "His Excellency".
It was pretty cool.

And while I know the Dodger Blue hurts for us Giant fans, our kids sure make it look good ;).

(Another team parent took this video - our two cuties are towards the end of the line, obediently still maintaining the "train" formation the coach had put them in before they entered the ball field)

And completely unrelated, but Dave and I were watching this episode of "Friends" the other night, and I felt so bonded to Chandler in this scene.
This is how I feel about so many of the names I am attempting to learn here....

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  1. Waving their hats and everything. How cute.

    Love, Aunt Carol