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Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Today marks one month post surgery for me! Yahoo! The surgeon said 4-6 weeks post op I could "resume normal activity", so I'm hoping that means I start really seeing an increase in energy in the coming days =).

The pain/discomfort is getting much better, but I'm still not sleeping great or enough. I swear, I am constantly tired. But, I'm trying to be patient with my body, as it has been through a lot recently.

The last month has been hard, but after being so terrified in the hospital, I'm just so grateful each day to be alive...
...which is good, because the kids and I spent the morning at the doctor's office...AGAIN. After two days of waking up with eyelids glued together, this morning the redness and the itching were undeniable and I was forced to admit I had conjunctivitis, otherwise known as PINK EYE.
So, I loaded up the kids and waited at the International Clinic...

Luckily it was a quick visit and diagnosis, as my eyes are hideous looking. Got myself some fancy drops and strict instructions to wash my hands eleventy billion times a day...

I had to message a friend to cancel a play date for tomorrow, and when I told her the reason - my highly contagious infection - she was all "oh no! How miserable! I'm so sorry!" and I'm all "meh. It's par for the course, really. Fairly certain I'm just allergic to Kuwait as a whole..."
I mean really, at this point is just plain humorous. 

Tomorrow is "Liberation Day" here in Kuwait, and we're hoping to get out and enjoy some of the celebrations. I'll just wear sunglasses to hide the disgusting. 

We've GOT to get out and enjoy this great weather before it gets too hot!

We've been doing A LOT of hanging out around the apartment over the past few weeks. The kids have had liberal amounts of Kindle and TV time, and I just can't feel guilty about it, because I've needed them to be entertained as much as possible. 

David took the kids swimming this week. 
 In February.
Maybe those of you in Florida and Arizona are used to such behavior, but us Oregonians are not =).
Pretty cool, this Kuwait Winter!!
(ask me how much I'm loving Kuwait Summer this July, though...)

Lots of resting and Kindle time...

(Sometimes the boy likes to wear googles around the house. We don't ask why, we just accept this)

Sister making a Puppet Theater out of a water bottle box...

A Dress Up collection Fashion Show...

Always enjoy checking out the lobster at Sultan Center...

Reading books with Momma...(do like I do and pretend you don't see that laundry that needs to be put away on the back of the couch...)

BabyGirl and her best lovie, Wiley. She's had Wiley since she was a tiny baby, and they are pretty inseparable!
Also inseparable these days are A and her roller skates. She wants to wear them from the moment she wakes up in the morning until it's time to go to bed at night.
They've been SUCH a blessing to us as a way to get some energy out while being homebound.
I sometimes wonder if our downstairs neighbors feel the same way, though...

For L, the latest way to get energy out is to make crazy obstacle courses all around the apartment, mainly using couch cushions. Then he channels his inner ninja as he pounces all over the furniture... totally drives me crazy and I have to shove deep down my inner Momster...because really it's HARD for a five year old boy to stay inside so much!

Lots of coloring...

Our son got creative with some mosaic tiles and created our family...

...and I was laughing SO hard when I noticed he put David's trapizoid "hair piece" on his chin for a beard...

Playing in the playroom...

...and some more relaxing...
(Like Father, like daughter ;) )

So, that's what's new lately with our family. David attended an interesting Talk this week at the college regarding the United States and it's process of liberating Kuwait 25 years ago. I'm trying to talk him into writing a blog post about it, so ya'll may have something other than pictures of us laying around the house soon enough ;)


  1. Pretty sure the answer to the goggles-wearing is in this post - aka pink eye. He was just being cautious, way in advance of you getting it intuition.

    On a serious note, a cool washcloth on the face will help with some of the pain until the drops do their job. Ask me how I know this 😝

    1. Haha! Good call!! He's ahead of his time ;). And YES! Cool washcloth for the win!

  2. You heard about the epic pink eye Justin, Emily, and I all got, right? It was so brutal. I'm sending you lots of love and empathy right now!!!

    As for me, I shall never tire of photos of your crew, even if you are just hanging out around the house. :)