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Monday, February 8, 2016

Ya gotta know when to hold 'em...

We've had several people ask us if all this illness adds up to us heading back to Oregon earlier than our original summer of 2017 plans.

We've asked ourselves that question as well.

After taking two days off work due to high fever, David slowly crawled his way back into the office, still not well, and had a coworker say "are you the type of people that believe the Universe might be giving you signs that this just isn't meant to be?"

"Does all this mean you're heading home now?"
(We hear that one a lot too...)

The answer at this point, is no.
Not yet, anyways.

We have opened ourselves to the possibility of heading home this summer as opposed to next, though. 

But to leave now would actually be more difficult than staying. The idea of packing up all our stuff, and cleaning up, and shipping our things home, and spending days on planes....well, all that sounds much more daunting than just staying put, especially since I can currently hardly manage our days without a nap. 

And right now we're managing.

David is back at work, even though he's still not feeling great. He's doing alright.
We've still got meals coming for another week.
We still have several people willing to run errands for us.
The kids are still *slightly* under the weather, so they're content to just hang around the apartment with their decrepit mother all day. 

We're gonna make it.

One of my friends here -who has lived here 10 years- said she just believes the viruses here are harsher than they are anywhere else.
I gotta say, I'm leaning towards believing her!
But we've got probiotics aplenty, and fluids galore, and lots and lots of rest.
I feel like we're doing all we can.

We've also heard that living anywhere "new" makes you susceptible to every virus, and you can expect to catch them all in the first six months. 

We're just in month five.

We've been hit fairly hard in the first five months (David had a nasty GI bug for nearly two months, the kids and I have had virus after virus, and I had the emergency surgery), but I'm stupidly cautiously optimistic about the next several months. 
We HAVE to be getting over the hump.
We just have to be.

And we haven't accomplished what we came here for just yet.
I mean, sure, we've made and saved some money (it'd be helpful if we hand't had to pay nearly a month's salary for my surgery and hospital stay...), and sure we've immersed ourselves in a new culture, but we haven't completely found our groove here yet, and we want to. Sure, we've traveled to Bahrain, but that just scratches the surface of places we want to see around here! We have a tentative trip to Sri Lanka planned for the summer, and we SO want to see that happen.

Gotta travel a bit more while we're over here.

Maybe it's a bit of pride too -although I doubt anyone would blame us for cashing in our chips and coming home at this point - but we sold our home, our cars, put all our stuff in storage and moved across the globe to spend two years here in Kuwait. We just plan on seeing that through.

So at this point, we're planning on being here until the summer of 2017, as originally intended. We're praying for wisdom if that's the best decision for our family, or if going home summer of 2016 is better. Far be it from us to let pride come before wisdom from above ;).

And with that - this post is long and boring enough, and I actually went to the grocery store with my kids today, so this post-op patient is in need of a nap ;)


  1. You are right--nobody would blame you if you left early. Well, except me. :) Please don't go!

    In all seriousness, though, so sorry that you continue to deal with health issues. I mean, sure, I've had a cold after cold after cold in the past few months, but nothing as serious as you all (hope I didn't jinx myself just now). You guys really deserve a break!

    Hope you had a wonderful nap.

  2. Hi there--I've been a reader of yours for six years as my daughter was born in April 2010 and during those pregnant insomnia nights, I found blogs of those who were due near me. I've never commented but have loved following your family's adventures. Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I admire you guys for embarking on this journey and taking each struggle with stride. I can't say that I'd do it as gracefully as you!
    I have a cousin who has decided to teach (along with his wife) in different countries so that their children can experience different parts of the world. They are currently in Israel. It's amazing to see what their children have been able to do and see as a result of living abroad. It's wonderful that your children will have the same opportunities.

    I hope that life starts to be a bit easier and that healthier days are ahead!

    1. Hi Meghan! Nice to "meet" you ;). Thanks so much for saying hello, and for your kind words. Plenty of ungraceful moments around here, they just don't make the blog ;). I love hearing stories like that of your cousin...parents raising kids abroad to show them how big the World is! Very cool, and encouraging for me in moments when I wonder if we're crazy for doing this!! :)

  3. How incredibly sweet and awesome that Meghan commented above. You never know how you are reaching out to, and is reaching out to you bringing you encouragement. Love this blog world!
    I guess I never thought about you guys coming home early. Your blog post about how you were just surrounded by new friends who reached out and met all your needs in the most basic way from even spoon feeding you and seeing your laundry was taken care of and dinner was made- well that was wonderful. And not just simply being "the hands and feet of Jesus" these awesome people don't all share your faith. They were doing it because they understand that human kindness is universal and I think that is simply truly beautiful. I thought of when Cadence was born and we were literally tossed off the ship and suddenly homeless, unemployed and with a newborn fighting for her life in the NICU. Not ideal. However, seeing the incredible outpouring of a multiple offers of places to stay (on an expensive Hawaiian island no less!), a car to drive, financial help, even preemie clothes for Cadence from a friend of a friend we haven't met. I don't think I've ever quite experienced God's provision in the big and small (because He cares about the small too!) until I was in the dark difficult time. It was WAY out of my comfort zone, but He was there and He brought people to be there for us. I think the way he has done that for you in Kuwait is life changing. And the way you will be able to explain that to Luke and Abbey as they get older- powerful.
    Granted, I'm writing this from my comfortable home. Not in a country where there is a foreign language spoken, away from all things familiar and battling illnesses ranging from colds, flu's, major stomach bugs to the life threatening gangrenous cyst with a lovely mild dose of paracetamol for your recovery. You have been put through the ringer! And I wouldn't think the slightest bit less of you if you did decide to come home a year early. The fact that you even went on this incredible adventerous journey blows me away. I am so incredibly proud of you and David and the gift you are giving each other and your children about world travel. Sri Lanka! I can't wait to see pictures. Praying for your recovery. Know that you are loved and prayed over from afar. Amanda

  4. We've all got your back, no matter what. Love you, sister. Lots of prayers catching a jet stream your way. If you ever want to talk, I'm free :)

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