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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Out and About...

The We're Healthy Enough And Have Enough Energy To Be Out Of The Apartment streak continues!

Can I get a Hallelujah?!?

Our Homeschool Co-op met up on the beach last week to play and make crafts together...gotta take advantage of this fabulous weather while we can!

A handful of the Co-op cuties...

The kids played, explored and collected shells/rocks for over three hours...being so near to the beach is such a blessing!

A ladybug made it's way onto some happy kiddo's arms...

Me, Nathia and Dina. 
These two women are so precious to me! Nathia is from Spain and Dina from Palestine, and we're all the same age, and homeschooling our children in Kuwait.
Many differences, yet so much in common.

Sister getting some help from another homeschooling momma to create plaster...

...she made a heart shape, put her rocks down, and then poured the plaster on top...

...and we came home with this!

Then on Friday evening, we went over to Tina and David's for dinner. This was the first time we'd been able to get together since my time in the ED and my surgery. It was SO GOOD to see their beautiful faces without also moaning from being in pain =).
I'll always have such affection for these two and the way they fought for me to get taken care of when I was in such a bad way...Bahrain Tina, you'll always, always, always have a special place in my heart =).
We talked and laughed and ate delicious food, and I offered up Thanks for such fun friends to be in such a similar situation with.

(Side note: I learned at dinner that the first night I was in the ED a woman actually came up to David and told him that I needed to quiet down, as my moaning and yelling in pain WAS DISTURBING HER. I mean, can you even?!?!? I about died laughing when David told me that, and was SO GLAD neither he nor Tina told me about it at the time =) )

Saturday evening we went over to some friends house to play and catch the view of the fireworks show in celebration of the re-opening of the Kuwait Towers (they've been closed for some time now for construction). This family's apartment boasts one of the best views in all of Kuwait, hands down!
In addition to the view, we also had a wonderful time sharing food and watching the kids make a mess play together...

Time for the show!!!

It was a particularly foggy night, so we couldn't see the show as clearly as we'd hoped, but it was still spectacular (the photos do not do it justice) and especially fun to get to enjoy from inside the comfort of a home and not fighting traffic =)


Then on Monday, the kids and I spent FOUR HOURS playing at the playground and on the beach with friends!

My two little beach babes...

A swing set by the sea...

They made it a "Twin Swing" they said...

Combing the beach for "treasures"...

I'm continuously impressed with how much time little kids can spend at the beach. They play in the surf (grateful for beaches with gentle waves), they dig in the sand, they build castles with moats, they search for shells, they explore small tide pools within the rocks...they are entertained for HOURS. 
And with all the screen time our two have had in the last six weeks while I recover from surgery, I'm especially grateful for all the non-screen time the beach provides. 
(She says as she has both her kids plugged into a movie so she can blog at 11:00am on a Wednesday...:) )

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  1. I am so glad you guys are able to be out and about again and enjoy this beautiful weather! Yay for being healthy (she says, after just swallowing some day-time cold meds).

    Also, it was so great to hang out with you all--we should really try to do this more often. And we adore your kiddos. <3

    Oh, and not that this makes it any less ridiculous, but I think the woman in the ER was telling David to quiet you down not for her sake, but for the sake of whomever she was in the ER with who, as she said, was trying to sleep. But, yes, Kendra. How very inconsiderate of you to not suffer quietly while in excruciating pain. :P