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Sunday, March 27, 2016



We're so so so SO happy to have them visiting. 

After they leave I'll have eleventy billion pictures to post of our time together, but in the mean time, I'll just post a good old fashioned cellphone picture dump to catch up what we've been up to in the weeks leading up to their arrival. 

David has been teaching the twins how to play Chess...
This is hilarious to me for two reasons:

1, I don't know how to play Chess. But my five year olds do.
(I mean, I've played before, I used to know, but I probably remember about 14% of the rules)

2. They only wanted to learn because he was trying to play a Chess game on the computer. 
Had David suggested it himself, and tried to sit them down and teach them, I can just about guarantee you they would not have had an interest. But because he was doing something that didn't involve them, and reluctant to let them in on it (because it's hard, man!) they totally want to learn.

We walked down to our neighborhood park the other day to play for a few hours. 
It was overcast (cloudy? sandstorm? I can never tell...) and only slightly humid, and the twins had the best time getting some energy out.

A few days later, we met some homeschool friends at our new favorite park.

I snagged a quick pic of my cuties on the way in...
I know I'm biased, but seriously, how adorable are those two?!?!

And my sweet boy wanted a picture with me, and said he wanted to be giving me a kiss. So we handed Sister my phone, and she took the pic for us...
 Annie Leibovitz, she is not. 

L&A were excited to see their friends, and quickly became engaged in shenanigans...

These four have so much fun together...

Little N wanted a turn taking a photo, so I hopped in with my babes and their buddy...

Spinning on swings until they are ridiculously dizzy...boys!

Earlier this week we met up with some homeschool friends at an indoor playplace in one of the malls. Normally these places are fairly expensive (5KD -$16.62- per kid), but because we had a group of 20 kids, we got in for half price. 
The twins had a BLAST running around and playing for three+ hours...

Sister is playing a giant keyboard here, and Brother is bouncing on the trampoline in the background...

We spent one afternoon painting at home...

On Thursday our homeschool group met up at a beach and played Archaeologists! 
One of the moms had printed out a dinosaur skeleton and laminated it, and then came early and buried the bones for the kids to dig and find.
Another mom made paper mache' dino eggs, and buried those in a different area.
One mom read a book about dinosaurs to the group, and then they set to work digging up bones and eggs!

L discovers a bone!

Almost have the whole skeleton complete...

Sister finds an egg!

Dusting it off, carefully...

Me and my baby girl ;)

After the Archaeologists finished their expedition, it was time for some fun in the sand and surf... 

Not a bad backdrop for a day at school! ;)


  1. Such family fun. I'm excited about grand parents visiting. Looking forward to more fun photos and stories.

  2. You're the only person I know who can make that boot look cool.