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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sport Relief Fun Run and the Kuwait Towers

On Saturday morning we participated in the Sport Relief Fun Run with the British Embassy peeps here in Kuwait.

-Great way to get outdoors
 - Hang out with fun people
- For a good cause 

Check, check, chiggity-check.

Me and my cuties before things got started...

Brother taking a turn with a fellow participants dog =) 

Sister and her friend B had decided they were bringing "wheels" to the event. A is on her roller skates, and B was on her scooter.
This was Sister's first time trying her skates outside the apartment, so we picked up a helmet for her because SAFETY FIRST.
Even though the sidewalk was cobblestone-ish, and several parts of the one mile ride were "off road", she did fantastic!! She only tumbled once, and immediately got right back up saying "I'm okay!" 
Love our girl and her gumption =)

One group of people apparently planned on doing the run via paddleboard, but apparently the tide wasn't as they'd hoped so they were unable to...

David and L jogged, so they were up ahead of A and I. 
Apparently they stopped for a moment to capture a few pictures...

Helping Sis across some gravel...

L rounding the final corner towards the Finish Line...

The race finished at the Kuwait Towers.
Knowing this was going to be the case, our friends scheduled brunch there for a nice post race treat.
When they told us this a few days prior, we made reservations as well =).

The towers have been closed for maintenance for the last four years, having re-opened only the week prior, so we were excited to finally get to peek inside.

We walked over to the entrance at the bottom of the towers, and were told we needed to pay admission to visit. When we explained that we had brunch reservations as therefor our admission should be free with our food bill, we were told that the restaurant was in fact closed.

I've learned over the last six months that this is just SO typical of Kuwait.

We explained that we had literally just made reservations for 10:30am on the day prior.

The woman apologized for the inconvenience, but explained that the restaurant had not opened as planned and there was no food.

Whatever. We paid our admission and headed inside the gates.

Once inside, we enjoyed walking around and looking at the flowers, and before heading up to the observation area (the upper sphere on the large tower) we decided to just *check* and see if the restaurant was open.

It totally was.

This is even more typical of Kuwait.

Not a lot of communication going on around here.

The concierge at the tower had us wait while she went to get cash so she could reimburse us our admission fees.

Once we had our cash back in our hands, we took the elevator up to the 82nd floor to dine.

The restaurant was pretty impressive.

...and the view was spectacular...

After stuffing ourselves enjoying the tasty buffet, we made our way up to the 120th floor to the upper sphere to take in the view...

This top part rotates, slowly. It completes a full turn every 30 minutes. The kids thought this was THE COOLEST.

It was fairly hazy that day, so we couldn't see as clearly as we'd hoped across to the other side of Kuwait, but it was still really cool.

Afterwards we said goodbye to our sweet friends, and chilled while waiting for our driver to come fetch us. 
David made a comfortable bed for the boy...

And this was a view of my lap on the way home...


  1. Awesome! Had to laugh really hard at you guys being told the restaurant was closed despite it being opened. Also, you'll need to tell me about the buffet. Wondering if there's stuff for me to eat there.

  2. I remember when the twins first came to our house and were "amazed" to peek out the window seat from our second story window. Haha what a different world they live in now! I loved this post, especially the pictures of A in her roller skates and helmet. I can just HEAR her sweet little "I'm okay!" As always, we miss you. :)