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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Summa summa summa time

Last week we spent an afternoon and evening at a friend's house with a bunch of people from our homeschool co-op. 

Our little summer cuties ready to go have some fun!
(I love this pic because Sister looks like she still has her baby cheeks ;) )

The afternoon sun hid behind the neighbors tall house, so the private villa pool was nicely shaded.
The kids had an absolute blast playing together...

Brother was King of the chaise...

At one point a football game broke out... of the things I love most about this group of homeschoolers is the wide age range. These kids all play together - most of the time - very, very well.
My kids had never actually played football before, and these older boys were SO sweet as they taught L and A the rules, and encouraged them as they played. I mean... make a Momma Heart burst!!!!

I loved watching them have fun, and getting to chat with my fabulous momma friends as well. It's such a blessing to be able to get together so often.

One of my favorite parts about the day was all the different languages we heard as families and friends spoke to each other. While everyone speaks English, it's a second language for a large portion of the families in our group. That afternoon we overheard Spanish and Afrikaans frequently, and a German speaking family was there as well. So much culture in one front yard =).

It was 116 degrees on this particular afternoon, and so the popsicles had to be devoured rather quickly...

...luckily, Sister was up to the challenge...

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