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Monday, August 8, 2016

A mantra of sorts

Years ago, I copied followed the lead of Angie Smith (and Samuel), and took on the inner mantra of repeating throughout my day; "Speak Lord, for your servant is listening."

Although these words are not lost on me, I'll admit they have been shifted to the quieter corners of my mind these days. 

My story today is about a recent event that has provided some reflection on life, and birthed a new mantra of sorts.

I will not share the full details of the story, as it's simply not mine to tell, but I will illustrate as best I can...

A few days ago, a friend was headed home to a difficult, painful, crucial conversation.
Before she left, a few of us stood with her, hand in hand, and prayed.
We prayed God would show up in a mighty way. We asked Him to be near to her, comfort her, grant her strength, and reveal the truth to all the parties involved. We asked Him for a miracle.

She left in hopeful but anxious tears, with a promise to update me as soon as was possible.

As I headed back to our home, I could think of little else.

It was one of those times where all I could do was tune everything else out and lift up my sweet friend in deep, focused prayer.

I'll be honest with you... I'm not great at making time for that kind of prayer these days.
It could be said that I flat out suck at it, in fact.

Lately I'm more of a throughout-the-day, quick-thought-tossed-up, kind of pray-er.

Lord, help me to be kind. Lord, grant me patience. God, keep me calm. God, keep my family safe. Lord, grant me wisdom. God, please protect my children. Heavenly Father, bless that person. Lord, bless those people. God, thank you for bringing that person into my life. Lord, thank you for blessing me with healthy children. Lord, protect my marriage. Father, help that person to know how loved they are. Father, thank you for this moment. God, be near to that person. Heavenly Father, please grant that person peace. Lord, whisper to my family that they are loved. Jesus, be near. Lord, bring healing to that person. God, please bring reconciliation to that situation. Father, help me know what to do. Lord, thank you for this blessing. 
And so on.

But on this particular evening, there were no quickly tossed up prayers. Instead I felt as if I were kneeling at the foot of the cross, fixated on communing with my Savior, begging Him to intervene and deliver a miracle.

Awhile later, I received a text from my friend.
The first few lines read:
"OMG!!! OMG!!! God is so so so good to me!!! I just, wow!"
and she proceeded to tell me the events of the evening, the summary of which is this;

During the middle of the conversation - which was not going well, and things were looking incredibly dire - the doorbell rang, and it was a repair man. My friend was incredibly annoyed by this interruption...I mean, here she is, in the middle of a critical conversation, and it is disrupted by an appointment that can easily wait. 
But the repair man is invited in and discussions begin regarding what he needs to complete.

My friend began to have feelings of hopelessness, as the paused conversation and desired resolution seemed to be falling further and further from her grasp.

Then, in an instant, everything changes.
This repair man brings about a situation that perfectly articulated what my friend had been previously unable to, despite her very best efforts.

And just like that, everything becomes unavoidably clear to everyone involved.

The very repair man that had been the interruption, unknowingly brought about an incredible resolution.

My friend was blessed beyond belief by the settlement that came about.

I saw her a short while later, and we hugged and our eyes welled up as we rejoiced at what a miracle had taken place. My arms were filled with goose bumps as she replayed the entire evening for me, as I just could not have scripted a more creative and fruitful turn of events.

We marveled out how God not only showed up, He plain showed off. 

I can not stop thinking about all this. I replay it over and over in my mind, and am continuously awe struck by how it all played out.

The interruption was actually God's provision.  

When everything seemed to be heading awry, it was in fact the very answer to our prayers, all orchestrated by a divine and loving Author.

How many times have I been yelling out to - or at - God, "this is not how things are supposed to be going!!!!" 

Far too many to count.

But do I really believe in God? Yes, I really do. Do I really believe He is good, and He is for my greatest good? Yes, I really do. 
Then how many times in my life has the interruption actually been the provision?

Likely, far too many to count.

My prayer today is that He will give me eyes to see a peak behind the curtain, and if not that, a heart to trust without seeing, that what I may perceive as an interruption may actually be His answers to my prayers.

He is so worthy.