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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


So. It's still wicked hot outside, so we've still been spending most of our time in our apartment.

It's just as interesting as it sounds.

And yet I blog about it!!
You're welcome.

What have we been up to?
Reading. On car seats. On the couch. Naturally.

David continues to teach the kids different poker games. They are now proficient in 5 Card Draw, Blackjack, 4Up 4Down, and Texas Hold 'Em. 
Which is to say, they're now better card players than their momma.

Another post, another picture of our daughter's creations...
(two crabs in the ocean, complete with kelp ("not seaweed, momma") and a small lobster in the bottom corner)
I am not great about keeping all of the children's art projects - there are simply too many - but I feel better about that when they've at least been documented in picture form =).

Brother drawing a family pic for Daddy to hang in his office...

We've had playmates over to help fill the the day, and logged many hours doing crafts...

...and being goofballs...

While we had the car, David and I snuck away for a dinner and movie date. We saw the new Bourne!

I took this little cutie with me to run some errands one day last weekend...

It's always a favorite when Daddy comes home from work!

Our friends ran into a childcare snag, so their kiddos got to hang out with me and the twins a lot last week. We had a ton of fun, and at one point I decided to take the four of them out for a bit... 

Little Adventurers! =)

We all lived to tell about it, and I offered up Thanks that God knew better than to give me quadruplets =)

Sister caught a little bug, and was down for a day or two...bless her heart, she fell asleep mid afternoon, watching a movie...

When you're indoors most the time, you may as well bake some cookies!

Over this last weekend, we packed in as much fun as we could with these fun friends, as it was their last weekend in Kuwait. 
Their jobs have them moving elsewhere, and we will miss them terribly!

We walked over to the mall - who needs a taxi when it's only 109! - and met up to see The Secret Life of Pets...super cute movie.

...and played...

...and hugged "see you soon..." because we don't say goodbye =)

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