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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Because it's funny

We had a pretty low-key weekend around here. Dave was sick with a nasty cold a few days last week, and wasn't quite 100% back to normal over the weekend, and now I'm sitting here watching "Beethoven" with two kiddos who aren't feeling great.

It seems strange to get a cold in the middle of summer, especially in the Middle East, but it's hard on the body to go from 120 degree heat into cold air conditioning. When I'm out with the kids, I always carry a long sleeved shirt or jacket for each of them, as anytime we go inside a building, the AC is cranked so high it's downright freezing.

So...colds in the middle of August, in Kuwait, it is.
Not super fun, but could be much worse. I'm grateful I don't have a place of work I need to call in to, and that we have Netflix ;). In addition, we also have unlimited movies.
No, really.
I can't remember if I've mentioned this before or not, but there are zero copyright laws here in Kuwait. It's NOT illegal to download movies from the internet. Crazy, right?
It comes in REALLY handy on days like today when my kids feel crummy and just want to lay around but also require entertainment and preferably something "new" to them.
(the only downside of watching a new movie with six year olds is they have ALL THE QUESTIONS)


Today I'm just gonna post things that have made me laugh recently, because who doesn't love a good chuckle??

Because TACOS.

(K. Kennedy, if you're reading, for some reason that made me think of you!)

If that isn't the truth, then I don't know what is. I rarely actually talk on the phone - I much prefer texting/messaging (if my parents who raised Teenage Kendra are reading, they are finding that hard to believe) - but if I ever do need to actually have a conversation over the phone, my kids need to be climbing all over me and know every detail about why I am saying what I am saying. And what the other person is saying. And why they are saying it. 

I really, really am.

Extreme thirst and tiny bladders always kick in directly after their heads have hit the pillow.

*hangs head in shame*
Just so, so guilty.


It's important to have goals.

Amen.'re welcome.

Happy Sunday all!