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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Spa Time =)

Babygirl got her first professional hair cut recently!

Yes, she is six and a half years old. But her previous trims have just been done by her momma =). She's always wanted to have long hair, so why would we pay someone just to trim the ends up from time to time? 

And I'm super good at it too.

Except the opposite.

So I finally decided I'd spare her another momma trim, and take her to someone who actually knows what they're doing =).

The problem was I've only had one haircut in the 11 months we've been in Kuwait, and while I LOVED the cut I received there (really, it was a fantastic hair cut, really great service, and nice place!) I ended up paying 20KD ($66.39) when it was done.
And that felt a little steep for a wash, cut and dry.

I asked a friend whose lived here several years for a recommendation, and she gave us a great place to try. It was only 6KD ($19.92) for a wash, cut and dry.

Sister was a little apprehensive at first, but as we both laid back in the chairs and got our hair washed, she started to relax.

Big girl post wash...

Looking so grown up after her cut and blow dry...

Poor Brother, just hanging out, playing on his Kindle, waiting on the girls...

Luckily, he's a pretty good - and cute- sport about it =)

When we were leaving, Sister said "Momma, I LIKE the spa place!"

Me too, baby girl. Me too.