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Monday, October 5, 2015

A month in...

The cutest little sous chefs you ever did see =). We made homemade pizza and used our measuring of ingredients as math for homeschool...winging it =).

The kids have become very interested in money since we arrived here in Kuwait...both in the difference of the currency (dinar vs fills, etc) and how to get their hands on some so they can buy all those little trinkets we're always saying "not now" to  =). David had the brilliant idea of giving them some extra chores to do, like scrubbing the bathroom...

 Supervisor David =)

Reem and I took the kids to Marina Mall the other day, and H&M was having a huge (like 70% off huge!) sale, and our daughter about lost her mind over this kitty/flower baseball hat! For 1KD (approx $3,) I got it for her. She immediately came home, put it on, and grabbed her baseball glove. She slays me =). 

Our boxes finally arrived! We shipped them from Oregon the day before we flew out, and they arrived earlier this week. All six of them made it over (praise!) but had been seriously beat up. Like I assume someone made forts and then played rugby with them. The majority of our stuff is in good shape, save for one busted picture frame and Dave's Bible, which got really beat up. 
 It's been really nice to have everything here. We've already put up the pictures we sent and our blankets are on our beds, and it's feeling much more like home to us now. 

We have a favorite place to eat's a little shawamra restaurant that's only a two block walk from our apartment. The dining area is outdoors, but it's tented with multiple air conditioners. We've gotten dinner there on average twice a week since we arrived. Most of the time, David takes just one twin on a walk to go pick up the food for some special one-on-one time, and the other kiddo and I stay home and set the table. 
The other night, we all went as a family and ate there... 

 When I say we get food there a lot, I'm not kidding...our kids totally know the owners and make themselves at home...

We usually order some of nearly everything, because it's all just so good. Nicely cooked meat, tasty rice, hummus and veggies, and the most delicious bread I've ever had in my entire life. See it there, all fluffy and fresh outta the oven in the lower right hand corner?? My mouth waters just at the picture...
 We can feed our whole family - with leftovers - for approx $14. Heavenly bread...and all the other food...for a family of four, with leftovers for under $15?!?
And all God's people said Amen.

One month in, and the kids are still delighted when a bird lands on their window sill. They swear they've named each one they've seen, and remember them =).

We had the two youngest neighbor kids over for a few hours yesterday afternoon, and these four had the silliest time with playdoh and bendaroos.
 I know I say it over and over again, but these neighbors have just been the biggest blessing. We got word about a month before our departure date from the States that our housing assignment had been changed, and although frustrating at the time, I can now totally see God's Hand behind it. Our kids have four fun playmates literally living right next door. And Reem has become a very good friend of mine who makes me laugh and teaches me a lot about life in Kuwait. (She's also super protective of me when we go to the outdoor shops and markets...she gets really angry if she feels anyone is taking advantage of me price-wise because I am an American. It's adorable) Our kids are learning many lessons about the different culture here right in our home, simply by discussing some differences between our families.

And lastly, the kids and I are getting a decent little routine to our days as well, mostly revolving around homeschooling. We've been trying to go for walks in the mornings before it gets too hot out...they seem to enjoy the fresh air as much as I do =).

One month down!


  1. Love love love these updates. Can't get enough of them. Can't wait to see it in real life!

  2. That dinner picture is making me drool.

    Love, Aunt Carol