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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A little of this and a little of that.

We've also seen traditional (Western?) scaffolding around as well, so I'm not sure why some builders would choose one over the other...but clearly the above is labor intensive and rather fascinating. 

Our creative kiddos...
(she made a Ladybug outta paper plates)

(He combined his Batman costume with his Flash Cape and his Storm trooper mask...rarely a dull moment around here =) )

My three favorites...
David has been taking an Arabic class three evenings a week. Most of the time he comes home between work and class, and we're always so happy to get to see him, albeit only for a brief amount of time =).

A and I went grocery shopping earlier this week while the boys stayed behind and went for a swim. She loves to help Momma at the store =). I was selecting some carrots and sent her over to pick out a nice head of lettuce...I smiled over at her as she inspected a few,  declared one "perfect!" and then brought it over to put it in the cart. At checkout, I was surprised when our total was about 4KD (about $13.00) more than the running total I had been keeping in my head. 
When we got home, I took a look at the receipt. I had estimated the lettuce would be about 1/ you can imagine my surprise when I found this:
That, my friends, is a $12+ head of cabbage...
of which we will be eating every single leaf.
Clearly I need to pay more attention when sending my five year old to pick out produce.

And lastly, I had read about a free Science Class through a Kuwait Moms Group on Facebook, and so over the weekend we went with the neighbors to The Discovery Place at The Scientific Center. It ended up being the neatest little class where each kiddo got to wear a lab coat and do several experiments, including making volcanoes (that erupted!) and also learning about different fingerprint types. Pretty cool stuff. 

Alrighty...well, that's some bits and pieces from our little life over here. Hope yours is going well too =).

Much love from Kuwait!


  1. The cabbage story was priceless (literally). Hope it was very tasty.

    Love, Aunt Carol

  2. I can't. handle. the picture of L in his little lab coat. So handsome and grown up!

    Also, I see A is still smitten with her new hat. :)

    Love you!

  3. I laughed out loud at the EVERY SINGLE LEAF of cabbage bit!! You are so witty, my sister. I aspire to be as witty as you.