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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


We woke up to some booming thunder at four in the morning today.
Kuwait had a major storm, with the loudest thunder I have EVER heard, and crazy bright lightening right on top of it. 
Add in some wild wind and heavy rain, and we had ourselves a little morning drama around these parts.

David took this video at about five am, after things had significantly calmed down:

The roads here do have drainage systems, but they are not equipped for such a heavy, long lasting downpour. So schools and many other places are closed today due to flooding in the streets. 
It's so strange to look outside and see everything wet as opposed to dusty dry. It reminds me of home =).

It feels like fitting weather for the recent days we've had as well.

It's felt stormy here as we navigate some recent culture shock, and some frustrating hurdles we learned we need to jump...just one of them being learning my Tourist Visa is about to expire, and so I have to fly to another Country (likely Bahrain) for a bit, visit the Kuwait Embassy there, and have several tests done and papers stamped, then hop on a plane and fly back here.

Sound crazy to you??? Because it did to me. And after I completely lost my mind  calmly explained my concerns about this to David, he went to the HR department of the college, and they've agreed that it will likely take more than one day to complete all this ( I knew it!), and heard my concerns about doing all this alone...without a translator or guide/representative to assist me. So they are sending all four of us there for 3-4 days. 
Thank you Jesus.
And the head of HR.
And my husband for advocating for me.

It's been a long few days, isolation has reigned supreme, and I've been feeling weary.

But it's amazing how God continues to show me He has me in the palm of His Hand. I opened my gmail yesterday to find an email from a dear friend (I'm looking at you, Phifer!) letting me know God had intensely laid me on her heart, a day before, right when I was in the middle of some drama going on here. 
How great is our God? What matters to us matters to Him. And I was brought to tears reading how the Holy Spirit had led her to pray for me, without even having any clue I was in the thick of it. 

He is the calm in the storm.


  1. God is so good and so undeniable. It strengthens my faith for you to confirm that He really was at work on my heart for you this weekend. I hope you could feel my arms around you and I hope you daily feel His.

  2. I keep clicking on that picture expecting it to be a video.

    Also, I'm so proud of you for voicing your fears and proud of David for advocating for the family like that. I'll be praying the trip goes smoothly, and is another "adventure" to add to the books.

    Rain can feel so dark (and even destructive at times), but it is also essential for growth.

    "You care for the land and water it;
    you enrich it abundantly.
    The streams of God are filled with water
    to provide the people with grain,
    for so you have ordained it." (Psalm 65:9)

    Praying your soul feels quenched and your spirit refreshed in this season. I LOVE YOU!