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Friday, October 30, 2015


Some cool things have happened since my last post... I met a really nice woman from South Africa at The Scientific Centre who is not only home schooling her six year old daughter, but "happens" to be the leader of a Home School Co-Op here in Kuwait.
She immediately found me on Facebook, and added me to their group.
The twins and I already have a Costume Party on the books for next week, a field trip to a Bee Keeper Farm shortly after that, and an outing to see "the Bubble Man" after that.
So, so cool.

Some less cool things have also David and our daughter currently having a nasty stomach bug.
Not cool.

 The boy and I seem symptom free, and I'm praying we stay that way as I wash sheets and watch my loves for signs of dehydration.
So it seems like a good time for some random, discombobulating updates from our life in Kuwait.

We babysat our sweet little three year old neighbor for a few hours the other day, and I decided to get creative and have us bake and decorate cupcakes...
 The table, the floor, and the children were sticky and covered in sprinkles by the time all was said and done...but fun was had =).

I am telling you, these Bendaroos are just the coolest. I'm so glad we brought them over here with us. Both our kids can spend a ton of time just being creative with them...

We also brought some for paints and painting supplies (thank you Grammie and Bopbop!) and recently had the neighbor girls over to paint with us...

The other morning the kids clearly needed to get some energy out, so we bailed on our Home School plans and walked to a park on the beach nearby. It was early enough in the morning that it wasn't too hot yet, AND I remembered TWO water bottles. 
Mom Win =).

Even though the park wasn't in the best shape, the scenery made it worth it...

The kids played for a good hour before tiring out. We walked to get some pizza for lunch, popped into the nearest grocery store real quick, and then took a taxi home. 

Recently we went to dinner at one of Dave's colleague's houses. A sweet family of five, also from the States, that have been living here in Kuwait for just over four years. Their kids were only slightly older than ours, and the twins had an absolute blast running around their apartment playing with them! Dave and I enjoyed the conversation, in English, and learning more about expat life in Kuwait. 
It was so good for my soul, for many reasons. One of them being the easy English communication =). And another was the availability to bounce some things I'd witnessed off them to discern if they were cultural vs situational. Was this (whatever it may be) something I should expect to see/deal with everywhere? Or is it perhaps just that particular family/person/situation?
The Mom was a HUGE help to me and encouraged me in many ways. 
We're joining them at their Church this weekend -assuming we're all healthy- and I'm really looking forward to it.
 (Katie, we haven't yet found a Church, mainly because I was hoping for a personal recommendation from I'm grateful for this opportunity! They invited us to join them at their Church, and also recommended another one they also liked if their current Church wasn't a good fit for us. I'll blog about the experience I'm sure, but likely keep it fairly vague as far as what actual Church we choose to attend...just for privacy reasons (the same reason I haven't mentioned the college Dave is working at, or shown pictures of the outside of our apartment building...) just wanting to keep our family semi-private/safe while still maintaining a public blog =) ).

Their daughter had outgrown this little vanity, and so they sent it home with us. Our daughter has logged plenty of time playing with it since it landed in our playroom...

I let A paint my toenails...=)

Home Schooling is going well...I'm working on a post about it. It's far from easy and I don't always love it, but I'd been warned it's normal to feel overwhelmed by it in the first several weeks (I'm looking at you, Leggett!!) and I'm clinging to that encouragement that it WILL get easier and better in the weeks to come. 
Yesterday part of our School Time included making Jack-o-Lanterns to decorate the apartment for Halloween =)

And what better way to tie up this all-over-the-place post than some pictures of our cuties?

Sweet boy in Momma's reading glasses...

Crazy girl rockin' out to Daddy's music on his headphones...

Happy (almost) weekend to all of you!

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  1. Oh, I totally understand why you wouldn't be posting any specific details! I was just curious, with the culture and religion being so different, if there are options as far as Christian churches go, or if there were regulations on things like that. Sounds like no, and yay for that!