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Friday, October 2, 2015


Lots of swimming! We've felt so very blessed that our apartment complex has a pool! It's an outdoor pool, but it's placed in a narrow spot between two very tall buildings, so it rarely gets direct sunlight. The water is always nice and warm =). Still, we tend to prefer evening swimming...

We brought over our PlayStation from home, and the kids have loved being able to play their Toy Story 3 game on lazy weekend mornings =) (we picked up those little chairs for them at City Centre for 900 fills - like $3 each- and the twins love them!)

They also love "crafting" in the playroom. Our apartment has three bedrooms, and we gave the twins the option of sharing or having separate bedrooms, and they chose to share, thus creating a playroom. It's nice to be able to let them just make a disaster in there, and then close the door when I don't want to look at the mess ;).

But their all time favorite activity is playing with the sweet neighbor kids! They mainly play in the large hallway area between our apartments, but will sometimes go between our homes as well. We've swam together a couple times too, which is a blast for everyone. Even though there are an array of ages between all the kids, so far they all get along really well.

Reem purchased our daughter a beautiful flower headband when she got some for her daughters...isn't that the nicest thing?!? Our girl loved matching with her new friends.

Me and my beautiful neighbor and friend Reem. She is just such a blessing to me. I am so grateful to have a Momma friend right next door!

Our kids have become experts at hailing cabs...=)

We stopped at the food court in City Centre the other evening for dinner prior to grocery shopping. The kids got Happy Meals at McDonald's and were thrilled ;)...

Me and my beautiful daughter on "National Daughter Day"...which I didn't even know was a thing until I saw it on Facebook ;), but once I knew about it, I couldn't resist bragging on my sweet girl!

And then of course couldn't leave out these handsome boys of mine...

And lastly, I've been trying to be better about taking pictures when we're out and about, so here are some pictures from around Kuwait city...

I love all the different architecture here, such beautiful buildings. And all the palm trees...LOVE! Lot's of cranes and new construction going on around downtown. It's really a beautiful area, especially when it's all lit up at night time!

I've gone into Kuwait City a few times to pick up Kindergarten curriculum and other shopping, and Reem has taken me around our district to show me where to get the best deals...
A, Reem's little 3 year old S, and L. 
This little basement store was underneath a bunch of outdoor markets, and everything inside was 1KD or cheaper! The kids had fun loading up on a few new toys and art supplies, and I got us a few things we needed for our kitchen, like a pizza cutter and carrot peeler for cheap prices. 

So, here you have an update of our days in Kuwait, one month in. 
Yesterday, when I was crossing the street with the kids and wanted them to follow me quickly, "yalla" fell out of my mouth naturally. I guess that means we're acclimating pretty well so far =). 


  1. I'm assuming "yalla" translates to "get your little buns moving!" Can't believe you've been a Kuwaiti resident for over a month now. Hope time keeps flying by like that.

    Aunt Carol

  2. "Yalla!" That is so funny and poignant. It is exactly the experience you wanted in living in a different country and culture.