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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Easter and a birthday

The twins' actual birthday fell on Easter this year, so we had double the celebrations up in here!

We always start out Easter morning with a jelly bean trail leading to their Easter baskets.

Because nothing says celebrating our Risen Savior like copious amounts of sugar.


But seriously, the kids love it, and it's something my mom always did for me and my sisters growing up. 
I heart traditions!

Even though I'd set my alarm to get up before the kids, so I could set up balloons and the trail, as soon as I entered the hallway I could hear they were already awake.
Our son came out to use the bathroom, and when he returned to their bedroom David heard him report to his sister "there are not any jelly bean trails! Or balloons!! NOTHING SPECIAL OUT THERE!!"
Luckily my quick thinking spouse made a cute game of telling them they'd gotten up too early and had to go back to sleep...which somehow they dug and played along.

My mother in law and I quickly got the jelly beans dispersed along the floor, Easter baskets in place, and all of us set to work blowing up balloons.

Then we allowed the kids to "wake up"... they were pretty happy to come out and see everything they'd hoped for!

We never do much for Easter baskets, since their birthday is always around the same time, but always have a few pieces of candy and a little something fun. This year they each got a new swimsuit...

Then it was time to move on to birthday presents from Daddy and Momma!
They each got a new Look & Find book...

Some new How To Train Your Dragon toys...
....and a few other things.

Our sweet six year olds...

We set up their new How To Train Your Dragon training ring...

...and Sister brought out all their dragons and people from the playroom...
...tons of Dragon fun in this house!

They opened a really fun new game (Scrabble Jr) from their grandparents...

And then we had our birthday tradition of sprinkle pancakes!

Singing to the six year olds!

I can hardly believe they are six years old!! 

Especially since I'm pretty sure it was just last month that they looked like this:

No wind inside the apartment = blowing out birthday candles!

Papa and Gaga played some Scrabble Jr with Sister...

Daddy and the Boy playing with some birthday toys in the hallway...

LOVE my boys...

LOVE this girl!

Indoor play equipment from some homeschool friends - such a great gift for inside entertaining during the HOT summer months!

A little later in the day, Gaga taught Sister how to knit!

She picked up on it pretty quickly, and she was SO proud. We were too!

David and his Dad played Chess, with Sister observing...

We had a great day together, hanging around the house, celebrating together.

Happy Birthday to my babies - may you always know how very loved you are!
-Momma =)


  1. Sounds like a perfect day! Also, "No wind in the apartment." LOL!

  2. I want to be in Kuwait so bad just for this one day!

    Also, can Gaga teach me how to knit?

  3. I'm not the slightest bit surprised A picked it up so quickly. That girl is sharp!!