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Thursday, April 28, 2016


The other week we got to do something really, REALLY cool for homeschool.

We got to read to rescue animals from a local shelter!

It was an awesome experience.

The group, PAWS, here in Kuwait is new to this program, and our homeschool co-op was only the second group to do a reading with the animals.

The three animals getting familiar with our co-op cuties...

We'd been there all of 11 seconds before Sister had her arms around a white cat. 
(her Love Language =) )

Since there were only three animals to be read to, the children all took turns so the animals were not overstimulated. While the kids waited for their turn, this volunteer read them stories about animals...

And they played with a parachute...

Soon it was our turn to read to the animals!

Brother picked out "Happy Birthday Hamster" to bring with us and read, as it's a favorite and he has it memorized, and "it has dogs in it", he reasoned.

Sister also brought a favorite, "Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus" 
(Mo Willems is a family favorite around here!!)

This cat was SO cuddly, and A was in Heaven!!
She wanted to take this sweet kitty home somethin' fierce. 
I was all "baby, remember...when we get back home, you can pick out a kitten to keep! If we pick one out here in Kuwait, it wouldn't be able to come home with us next year..."
And the PAWS people were all "oh! We have people to help with that! We have staff that specialize in assisting people with exiting the country with new pets!"

Other activities included making dog puppets...

...and learning about animals. I was SO impressed with this program! They talked about how to "read" a in, "when it's tail is tucked between it's legs, what does that likely mean the dog is feeling?" and gave tips such as "when it's really cold outside, please bang on the hood of your car before you start it, to make sure a kitty hasn't crawled up inside to get warm!"

Each of the three animals had a "handler" with them as well, and was watching the animals closely and would occasionally say something like "this animal is showing me he needs a little break...let's give him a minute alone to drink some water and then we'll start the next reader..."
I loved how much they loved these animals =)

And all the readers had such a great time having the opportunity to read to an animal! The twins can read several Sight Words, but are by no means "reading" yet, and this was a perfect way to practice reading without any pressure. 

Giving this sweet pup some loves...

After our time with PAWS was over, we made our way to the playground to run around with our friends for a bit...

What a great day in Kindergarten this was!

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