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Monday, April 18, 2016

The Grand Mosque and Kuwait City

David took his parents for a tour of the Grand Mosque while they were here.
It's such a beautiful place, and both times he's been he has come home happy with the tour guides, having felt welcomed and informed, and also with tons of free swag =)
Posters, magnets, key chains...they love to give away stuff!

I stayed home with the kiddos, as I am still not sure how well the tour would hold their interest at six years old. But I will definitely be visiting sometime before we leave Kuwait. The place looks just lovely and I am looking forward to seeing it in person.

Doesn't my mother in law look cute? =)

Such beautifully intricate art!

After the tour, good ol' Hussein picked them up...

...and took the long way home through downtown Kuwait City, so they could enjoy the city lights at sunset. David captured some great pictures!

This country has so much more beauty and allure than I ever realized prior to living here! I love that about new places.


  1. The sun in some of those exterior mosque photos is unreal!