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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Kuwait Towers, Round Two

While David's parents were here, we took another trip to see the Kuwait Towers.

Elevator selfie...
(the kids think it's hilarious to pick their nose in pictures these days)

The grounds are so beautiful this time of year!
 L and A had a blast running around...

Honestly, before David applied for a position here and I began to research living in Kuwait, all the images I had of the country came from what I knew of the Gulf War. 

I kind of thought all of Kuwait looked like this...
Image result for kuwait war

I had no idea there were bright flowers all over in the Spring. 
And Starbucks everywhere.

It's a part of why we decided to leave the blog open to the public, I hope that more people will learn - as I have - what beautiful areas there are here!

That being said, I know that come mid-June when it's 130 degrees, all of these flowers will be dead.
So, we're enjoying them now =)

We went up to show Papa and Gaga the view from the observation deck.
Clearly, the twins were slightly less impressed this time, and made themselves right at home...=)

Our little globetrotters...

Our son, doing the Robot on the grounds of the Kuwait Towers...

After our time there we walked to a nearby Ruby Tuesdays and had a late lunch. When you order water to go with your meals here, they bring it in the bottle (and it's never free), and it's not always cold. We asked for ice, and Brother and Gaga were both thrilled when this arrived...=)

We had our favorite driver come pick us up there, and David and his Dad took the kids back to our apartment to go swimming, and my mother in law and I went to a new little spa in our area for some relaxing time to celebrate my birthday.
They know my Love Language =)
We had such a great time, both relaxing and laughing.
When we were done, my mother in law went to pay and learned that they only took cash.
Um, who doesn't take a debit card these days?
So we said we needed to go to an ATM to get cash, and the ladies there were like "ok no problem, we'll see you when you get back!"
We offered to have one of us stay behind, or leave my purse as collateral, but they totally dismissed the idea of such things and let us walk right out of there without paying and only a promise of returning.
(Which we did, of course)

After that we came home and relaxed some more, and Gaga taught L how to knit!

Such a sweet experience! She left us behind some knitting needles and yarn, and both the kids have worked on their blankets and scarves, respectively, since she left!

I hope they have more knitting gumption than their mother...I started to crochet a blanket when my niece was born, and it turned into a trapezoid and then I quit. 

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  1. We just visited the Towers for the first time this weekend while our friends were in town! It's a fun thing to do, but that spinning deck made me kind of dizzy. :) And we totally forgot to take our photo with the towers behind us, so we'll definitely need to go back for that. I guess when another round of visitor arrives. ;)